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The Important Components of Your Air Conditioner that Needs Proper Maintenance

Business - Frank Rusell - August 27, 2021

Importance Components of the HVAC

Air conditioners are home appliances, which make you comfortable during hot days, especially during the summer. Tropical countries, such as Singapore, are the ones that mainly experience heat waves all the time. That’s why having an air conditioner is essential in every household. But it’s also crucial that you have it maintained and serviced by a technician every once in a while to keep it running in optimal capacity. Otherwise, you will suffer from buying new air-con appliances all the time, which are more expensive than having them maintained by a professional.

If you want to know the vital factors of an air conditioning unit, read below. You will also learn why these components are important to keep your air conditioner running without any problems. You should never neglect your air-con’s maintenance because it can cause a steady decline in its performance, which can be unrepairable in the future. Fortunately, there are many professionals providing aircon servicing today.

Air-Con Perform in Optimal Capacity

The Filters of Your Air Conditioner

Probably one of the most important components of your air-con is its filters. You need to have it routinely replaced to ensure your air-con’s efficiency. Whenever it’s clogged and blocked by debris, dirt, and dust, the overall performance and efficiency of your air conditioner is negatively affected. When the normal airflow of the unit is obstructed, the air that passes through the filter may carry dirt and dust into the evaporator coil. It will impair the coil’s ability to absorb heat, which lower’s your unit’s energy consumption from 5% to 15%.

The Importance of Air-Con Coils

Over the years of service and steady usage of your air-con, the evaporator and condenser coil will collect dirt. A clean filter will prevent the evaporator coil from collecting dirt. However, it doesn’t mean that it will stay clean. You need to have it checked every year and clean it to keep its heat absorbancy intact. The same goes with outdoor condenser coils, especially if the surrounding environment is dirty. Minimize dirt by always keeping the surroundings clean.

Air Conditioner that Needs Proper Maintenance

Coil Fins & Condensate Drains

The aluminum fins can be easily bent, which blocks airflow through the coil. There are fin combs available from air conditioning wholesalers, which you can use to comb the fins back into their original shape.

You can also condensate drains by passing a stiff wire into the unit’s drain channels. If you have a clogged drain channel, it prevents the unit from reducing humidity. It can result in excess moisture, which can discolor walls, etc.

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